It’s our passion to work with food on an integrative level to help people adopt healthier lifestyles. We’re looking for passionate health coaches, wellness practitioners and healthy cooks to join our team to spread this awareness; be it for booking independent events or working with us on Sprout hosted events. Let us know what you’re passions are and connect with us today.



‘’Sprout has been a Life-Changing brand for me! They always provide high quality advice on my food intake, how I can eat and live healthier using the right products and ingredients. Their full range of services such as cooking classes, organic products, live events and personal tips allow me to live a healthy lifestyle in Shanghai and abroad. If you are looking for quality advice for anything related to your personal health, breakfast, lunches and dinner, I highly recommend reaching out to the Sprout team to support you on your journey’’

-Raf Adams – Author of ‘’The Suited Monk’’

“Sprout Lifestyle has become the connective heart of Shanghai’s health and wellness (H&W) community. Always favoring collaboration over competition, Kimberly Ashton and her (incredible) team have created a social and commercial platform for Shanghai’s numerous small H&W businesses to thrive and interact. Her two retail locations are the result of countless hours of research to find China’s best vendors for superfoods and health products, and its stock is constantly evolving and growing to meet the demands of its customers. Their quarterly newsletter is an illustrative example of the work they’ve done to unify Shanghai’s H&W experts, providing affordable classes, and innovative training programs like the “Aiyi Healthy Cooking Course” to expats and locals alike. The recent opening of their Cafe in Shanghai’s Eco Village marked the beginning of an incredible addition to Shanghai’s F&B scene, and health enthusiasts of any dietary persuasion can find something to suit their palate. Personally, Sprout Lifestyle is an integrative community and incredible resource for my efforts to stay healthy in a big city. The instant I meet someone who is interested in finding healthful foods in Shanghai, I direct them to Kim and her colleagues. Shanghai simply wouldn’t be as livable without them, and I will always be a grateful customer!”

-Cliff Champion

‘Sprout is an ultimate health hub for anyone who wants to live a healthy, vibrant life. I’ve found a great community that really supports me through living healthy in a city that lives on MSG and processed foods. Doesn’t matter if you can’t tell grain from fiber – Kimberly and Co will have you covered on education, inspiration and ingredients for better lifestyle (and possibly even a date!). I love cooking demos and free movie screenings the best-it’s a great way to get inspired, have a few heavenly bites, meet other health enthusiasts and then load up on wholesome pantry essentials

-Valeria Boyko


Sprout Lifestyle is Shanghai’s most reliable and known source of healthy products, super foods and events for expatriates and locals in town, we are also committed to continuing to build the health & wellness community. If you believe that your products and services are in line with our mission and are considering promoting with us, please contact us at / or call (86) 180 178 50 970 to receive all the relevant details on sponsorship, advertisement and investment.

  1. RJ DeHaughn (RaeMay Jumi DeHaughn)
    Nov 19, 2012

    A Taiwanese American mom raising two vegetarian teenage boys, I’d like to learn more about your club healthy/exiting offers and to grow with your organization. I am a certified Mandarin teacher teaching foreigners Chinese, and teaching Chinese students English as well as Math.

    • Gabrielle
      Dec 25, 2012

      Heck yeah this is exatcly what I needed.

      • admin
        Feb 1, 2013

        Glad to hear this!

        The team

    • admin
      Feb 1, 2013

      Dear RaeMay,

      Please feel free to pass by our shop; we would love to discuss about how we can support you and your children.

      The team.

  2. Anya Tu
    Nov 20, 2012

    To whom it may concern,

    My friend Luciana referred me to this group which I was informed about its educational purpose for healthy eating habits.

    I am writing because I am also passionate about eating healthy and finding healthy food in China. What kinds of opportunities can I participate myself in?


  3. alin
    Dec 20, 2013

    where is the shop ?

    • SproutLifestyle
      Feb 5, 2014

      Address is at the bottom of the website. Surpass court in French Concession.